Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dark Meadow

Personally, I did not see this game as a horror game. I feel like it had the potential to be a horror game, but failed to add the scary aspect. This is not an easy task though. With this level of game play and interaction, it is difficult to create a scary story line while entertaining the entire game play to its full potential. I did think that this game was spooky. A feeling of unknowns and never knowing when you are going to battle did add an aspect of unease to the game. The environment also added a scary environment. The eeriness of the whole game simply made you worry about what could happen next. They did a good job with the story line, forcing you to wonder what happened that ended up with you in this complex.

I have a feeling that this game started with a different idea, but due to the game play, the story line had to change. Unfortunately, I feel that horror games have specific horrific moments, and this game was slow and easily readable.  

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