Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dark Meadow

    In the I-pad game Dark Meadow I think that it is a horror game and the concept of the whole game is really good. While playing the game I notice that the game looked really good and when you looked up at the sun you would get that effect with the lens. To make the game more scary I think that the demons could of been more scary and the building had that type of bioshock going toward it. I think that the game did well was the lighting in the game it looked like a game that belongs on a console. I really like the shooting mechanic when you shoot the crossbow it feels like you are in control or you are in the game. Another thing is that the characters are what needs to add to the horror experience. This game to me is a very pretty game on the IPad and I enjoyed it for the class but I don't see myself playing this game in the future.

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