Monday, November 18, 2013

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan was one of the stupidest games I have ever played. It didn't really have an point to it and the controls were touchy and hard to work with. You could only kill the titans if you climbed up their backs and cut their necks from behind, which in itself is a bit unrealistic, but was not that complicated. I found that all I had to was climb up a wall and wait on a roof, until one of them got close enough to jump on and kill.

Playing Co-op with the class did nothing for me. I spent the first 20 minutes climbing up buildings trying to figure out what I was doing, and then killed at least one of the titans on my own. I found it difficult to focus on the main point of the game (if there even was one) because I spent the first game figuring out the controls, and by then it was so simple that I quickly became bored. I understand that the reasoning behind playing this game, was to examine a game that had a bigger multiplayer option through a LAN network, and a game that as a class we could all play together, but I personally did not learn anything from this experience.

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