Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow, is in my opinion, the best phone game that I have ever played. Like most games, this one gets progressively harder as you go, but this one is beyond comparison. With the first two levels being open world, you can roam pretty much where ever you want within the first two floors of the hospital. Keeping in mind, that as you level up, and as you get kill streaks, the enemies get tougher and tougher. By the time you get to the third level, you are set on a one, track path. You can't explore, you can't roam, you can only go in the direction that the game sets you, and this track, is near impossible. The enemies get tougher and tougher as you come to them at each level. Not only that, but because you are only killing enemies, you're building up a kill streak, which makes the hard enemies, even harder. 

Dark Meadow does advertise itself as a horror game, and I think that they do in fact show this very well. Especially the very beginning of the game, where you're stuck in a room, and the only contact you have is an old man in a wheelchair. You walk outside, and its darkly lit with a ghostly figure, barley visible in the dark. The game gets a bit lighter as you go, but the enemies get tougher, and there is nothing scarier then fighting one of those things with low health and no med kits. What's even more interesting about this game, is that you can not die. If a monster beats you, you simply black out, and wake up back in your bed, and then you can go out, and run everything again. 

This game has one of the best story lines that I have heard of for not only an iPhone game, but in general. You wake up in a strange room knowing nothing, and slowly find out why you're there and that everything around you, and everything you know, is not what it appears to be. This game twists your reality, and places you in the characters shoes. You feel what he feels, and there are parts where you really end up hating everything, and you want nothing more to find the person or thing that is causing you this pain and this torment, and run him through with your sword. 

An interesting piece to this game, is that the two weapons you are given, are a sword and a crossbow. This game is set in a fairly recent time period, and there are many clues to give this away. The most obvious one being that the old man thanks you for "inventing the internet." So in a current time period, with internet and fire extinguishers, why would they give you a sword and a crossbow? Why not an AK-47 or a Shotgun? Having these two older weapons really give the game a unique feel. If you had been given a gun instead of a sword it would be like every other game, and it would be much easier to play. Because of this, the sword and crossbow make this game far more interesting and unique, and make the game more challenging. 

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