Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dark Meadow

This game for me, did not seem like a horror game at all because it just seemed too laid back, it reminded me of infinity blade on steroids. The game doesn't have a horror feel, yes you are in a abandoned hospital and fighting, but its not scary for me, doesn't have that key peace of being afraid of going around that next corner. It was a good fighting game because of the fighting machines it seemed to use, the block and dodging makes the game fun and enjoying and even to quiet a large extent, challenging. The one thing I did not really like is it seemed to be very boring, for me, it was just the same type of atmosphere every fight and some of the same moves you would repeat every monster, the story though I do enjoy. I think making things pop out, or having the atmosphere much less visible and such I think would make it a much scarier.

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