Sunday, December 1, 2013

Walking Dead

The game the Walking dead is definitely a game but its more watching than playing. It engages the player to make quick decisions and it makes you act quickly, especially when you are being attacked but a zombie and you have to attack it. Also then decisions you make carry with you throughout the entire game. The main reason it is a game is because you get to choose your path and choose the ending you want, granted it is a mystery the first time around. During your quest through the zombie filled towns you begin to make friendships and bonds with people who might help or hurt at the end. This is a good driver at why this is a game and should make it more interesting to play altogether. A cool feature about the Walking Dead is that the servers track who picks what making it so you can compare what you have selected during the prompts compared to other players, helping Telltale make the game better. 

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