Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Halo, the Crown of Gaming -Jacob Shaker

The first game that I bought for the Xbox 360 was Halo Reach.  I had played other FPS games in the past, whether a friend brought their system over, or I had played it during a school event.  I have played CoD in the past as well, I find Halo to be a superior genre.  The immediate deaths, and camping of CoD allows no reaction time and a very low skill cap.  Halo has longer interactions, thus allowing a higher skill cap, initiating with an opponent, staying with an opponent, and killing said opponent.  Halo has also evolved more than CoD, while CoD's extras and graphics have improved, the multiplayer gameplay has remained very static.  Halo now has the same improved graphics as CoD but is now a major MLG.  I find Halo to be much better than CoD.


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