Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Halo 3

  Halo 3 on xbox. When Halo 3 game out it brought a whole new meaning to games. Doom was out and that was a poplar game but the graphics to it were crappy. The game look like Castle Wolfenstein it  then Halo add 1st person shooter with 3D characters. But people really like it because it was a new thing because of the technogly was better. Halo 3 was one of the many game to come to in the halo franchise. Halo had a predecessor named Call or Duty. These two games where at the top of the market  when it comes to shooters. Call or duty releases more games more often then halo does but when a halo game does come out it sells. Now I never played a halo game because I bought a ps2 and had that until I got my ps3 so I played Call or duty because it was on the other platforms unlike halo.      

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