Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Halo 3

In comparison to previous FPS games, Halo 3 brings in abilities like power ups, energy and such, but that is more based off the story and the setting. At base, this game is the same as those other FPS games. Run. Shoot. Basics. The overall gameplay is smoother and there are more weapons to use. These weapons are more specialized which appeals to players, rather than having only a few weapons which all are about the same, generally. This allowed players to become good at a style of playing, which appealed to a greater crowd.
Different maps, different guns, a unique storyline, and an advanced gaming system allowed Halo to turn into what it is today, from those original shooters. From Halo, I think the gameplay has gone largely unchanged for now, as most shooters still have it first person with a large artillery and many levels with special features each unique to the game.

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