Friday, December 4, 2015

Free Play Friday

         The game that I played was Age of War. This game is strategy game and its not that difficult but it can get boring after a while because you have to keep upgrading your tower so it doesn't get destroyed quick but at the same time you have to send out troops to help get money to upgrade your tower and also to defend the tower. But I also thought that it was also cool how you could evolve to get better troops and also how your tower would change when you evolve. This game isn't that hard to play, you just have to know that there is certain amounts of money for certain characters and also for turrets. You can find that out from when you kill enemies you would get money and then for what ever character you want it shows the amount they are worth. If you don't have enough you would have to wait until you get enough. But this game is a little laggy so it would sometimes take longer to get certain troops or specials in the game.

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