Monday, November 23, 2015

Star Wars battlefront + couch co-op

Cooperative game-play, whether couch co-op or online, is always fun and beneficial, in my opinion. Ultimately, I prefer playing couch co-op since I've been playing couch co-op for years, and it's fun for friends to come over and play cooperative games, which isn't possible with games that are only online. In my opinion, couch co-op is also better since that way, only one person has to spend the money buying the console, game, and controllers, whereas with online cooperative both people need the console, Playstation Plus/Xbox live, the game, and headsets so that they can talk to one another. I also appreciate couch co-op more because there is more human interaction, the person is actually in the room with you, rather than you just hearing their voice. Playing Star Wars Battlefront was really fun, and I feel like without those elements provided by couch co-op, I would have enjoyed it much less than I did.

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