Thursday, November 5, 2015

Game Friday

Attack on Titan Game instructions:

1. Go to
2. Click on the center area where there is a image, to install and download the UNITY game program.
3. Exit out of the site, go to a different site, then reopen
4. Go to multiplayer - private server - click on the option that is NOT PORT
5. Wait for further instruction
6. Once inside chat room for game, set character and name (set name to your name and last initial like this : Jacob S. )
7. Wait for game to start.

How to play:
Goal - Kill all of the "Titans"
How - Hit the titans in the back of the neck

WASD - Moves
Q + E - releases a rope to your curser location
Space - Sends dual ropes to either side of you
LClick - Sword Swing
Rclick - Special (if you have one)
R - New sword (swords break after extended use)
Shift - Gas to launch off the ground
Control - Dodge

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