Monday, November 23, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront was a fun game to play, especally since you can play with another person on the same console, which is something that not many games have anymore. Battlefront has tie ins to its predacessor from the ps2, where you can play as either a main character or as a normal troop. While the difference is that you choose before if you are a main character for the battle or not, wheich is different than the old game where you had to build up a meter to be able to be a hero for a bit of time. The maps for battlefront are very different in both look and design, although you have to pay for the season pass to play about half the maps there are, which is something DICE is known for. There are also vehicles that you can drive, which adds to the overall game. Then there are a few different game modes that are fun to play. Overall Battlefront is a fun game that is a good addition to the star wars games that bring much needed life and fun into this game franchise.

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