Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was an okay game, the graphic were most certainly amazing, at times it looked like reality.  Something to expect from AAA games, I think I would have liked it better if we'd started from the beginning and had gotten a better grasp of the story.  Since we were dropped in at level 20 with no knowledge of the story, I had a difficult time understanding what was going on.  I wasn't really motivated to go a clear out areas with raiders and mutant creatures, because I didn't have a clear end game.  But the game was clearly set up with an endgame in mind, with free play elements that change the outcome of that goal.  Since we missed the beginning of the story, we also missed the introduction of our character, I wanted to know his story, his motivations, etc.  The mechanics also weren't the best, it was sometimes difficult to have the metal suit how you wanted.  Which is especially vital when an enemy gets close to you.  I also would have been less frustrated with the controls if we had started from the beginning where the enemies are easier to defeat.  Still, it is certainly a gorgeous game with a great soundtrack; the game mechanics could use a little work I think, and I would have liked to know the story.  But all in all Fallout 4 did not disappoint.

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