Monday, November 2, 2015

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is about a man who's whole family got killed by the dark lord who is the ruler of the orcs. The ring maker was betrayed and killed by the dark lord, and his soul still seeking revenge attached its self  to the main character who also was seeking revenge on the dark lord. The main character gained a godly power from the ring makers soul and the journey to kill the dark lord and rid the orcs from mordor.

What I find fun about the game is how you can drain the orcs life energy to the point where you explode their heads. while draining them the orcs start to scream in pain which I find funny and quite satisfying. Now you people might think wow this guys crazy but the reason why I don't feel bad for doing it, is because the orcs enslaved the human race and showed no mercy and were brutal to the humans, on top of that there the reason for your family and friends getting killed right in front of you. The reason for them killing your family was just because they felt like it they didn't care, so when you drain them and hear the pain that they're going through it feels satisfying plus it causes the other orcs around to flee.  

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