Monday, December 9, 2013

Driver game vs. Other racing games

The game we played on Friday was an okay game. The physics were fine in the game but not so much the driving mechanics. The mechanics of the game was like driving in Gta 4. The car would spin out or do what you didn't want it to do and you tap someone and you would almost die and plus when were going very fast, it's hard to make the corners. All though, the physics were fine in the game. The people tend to move out of the way when you try and run over them but its good graphics for the time of the game. A better game is GT or Need For Speed. Those have good graphics and mechanics. Any racing game should start copying the way Gta 5 made there driving. Gta may be a sandbox like mission game but it has better racing/ driving mechanics then most racing games. Need for speed has improved over time but it has been a good game. The mechanics in a racing game should have good steering, unlike Gta 4 when you just barely turn and crash or spin out. Going fast should have good handling also. Gta 5 is a good inspiring mechanical game that the racing games should look into how Gta 5 made there driving. 

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