Monday, December 9, 2013

Car Game Physics

In my opinion, I enjoy the car racing games which stay close to actual physics, but also have a few modifications, such as speed boosts and jumps with big air. I honestly have never played other racing games besides Mario Kart so I have nothing to compare this game to. If I do compare this game to Mario Kart, I would stay loyal to Mario Kart for the most part. I enjoy the fact that you can use items and jump over other players, and that you can play several games with any car or in this case cart that you want. One part of the more realistic games such as Driver that I enjoy is the fact because it's so real, the idea that you can hit speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour added some comedic relief. Running into a wall going 300 miles per hour in the middle of a city was also quite humorous. Finally, people have to drive and follow common rules everyday, so why would I enjoy a game that again makes me follow those rules?My opinions may be swayed towards surrealism because of the fact that I grew up on more cartoonist games that bend the laws of physics.

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