Monday, December 9, 2013

What makes for good physics in a game. The games we played the physics were awful. It seemed like on one of the games you were in 2x speed and if hit a jump you would either go super far or go five feet. In the other if you boosted you would spin out instantly and it would take 5 minutes to straighten out because of the god awful driving mechanics. If you are making a racing game why wouldn't you devote time to actually make somewhat good steering, acceleration and boosting. In need for speed shift they almost perfected these mechanics. They gave you limited boost you can use, you don't spin out when you accelerate, and the drving is good. The driving isn't too touchy and when you turn it isn't a sharp turn. They smoothed out frames when you turned so it doesn't look like trash because of the fps you play at. And the fps isnt locked on it. Most ea games they lock fov and fps at like 30 fps and 90 fov. The game can be changed pretty easily to fit best computer specs. So the game needs to have better mechanics and more realisitical engines so the physics don’t bug or arent just trash.

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