Monday, December 9, 2013


This game was extremely unresponsive. You had to start turning a good 5 seconds or so before you actually wanted to turn, and no matter how hard I mashed the O button to E-Brake, nothing happened. This game was generally very bad with mechanics. I feel in a game where you're driving cars, the handling should be a bit smoother, not jerky or twitchy. There is a big difference between this and Burnout. In Burnout the game mechanics where quite the opposite of Driver's. Instead of being slow and unresponsive, they were hyped up and unrealistic. An example of a game with good driving mechanics, would be Saints Row III. In games like SR3, the way the car handles differs depending on what car you're driving. Even the cars with the best handling aren't over hyped, and you can make sharp turns without using the handbrake. (It's a bit harder to do, but it is possible.) Sure in Saints Row 3 you can use additions like Nitrous and Knee Cappers, which are unrealistic, but as far as the cars by themselves, the mechanics are fairly on target. 

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