Monday, December 2, 2013

The Walking Dead

I myself love this series of the walking dead. This was my second time playing the game and I will admit that playing the game for the first time is much better than the second. On the first time playing you feel like your designs really matter. Your decisions do matter for characters and such but as you go on, you realize that in the end, your choices don't really matter, the end will happen you may just have a different road you have taken. I think it does classify as a game but it is more of a comic in a game with choices. I view it as pretty much the comic but in game form so I really don't know whether it is a game or not. The style of the game makes it like this, the graphics and all you would expect to be in a game, aren't really there. The style of game makes it feel like a comic because of the still choices, not so much a game.

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