Monday, December 2, 2013

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was far different from anything else I've played. I didn't like or dislike the game as a whole, but rather liked certain parts and disliked others. I really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the game, where you had to find different clues and objects in order to progress, as well as the ability to chose who you can save and how that "effects" the game. Compared to other zombie/Infected games, this was really unexpected and was rather interesting to see. As far as the game goes, you don't have much control over the game itself, but you do appear to have a choice of the story. What you say, what you do, who you save, who you kill. 

This game was very slow. It was often hard to focus on, simply because there wasn't always much going on. It was more like a movie then a video game for me. It is a game in the sense that it is interactive and you can operate a character, and make choices, kill enemies and have an objective. Although as I watched the game being played rather then playing it myself, it was more like watching a show or a movie. I was interested in the story, and did want to see what happened to the people, and how they made out, but I didn't feel like I would have when I played a game. 

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