Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UDK maze

Working with UDK was different than any other game creation engine than I have worked with before. It was much more powerful than Unity, which was interesting to be able to have a stronger engine, but it was much more complicated. Learning the basics was interesting, but to be at a professional level would take much more time than we had, which was a problem because then there wasn't enough time to learn how to use kismet. UDK was a great engine, and after I figured out how to use it, I could do so many more things than I had thought. Making a maze was a challenge to me, since the way to add objects was much more complicated than other engines, but the mechanic was set up so you can make much more intricate shapes, which was something that made it a joy to work with, since it made it possible to fill in tiny gaps that you had missed without layering over the previous objects. Overall, it was fun working in UDK, and I would like to spend more time learning how to use it well.

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