Friday, September 26, 2014

Game Mechanics of OFF

OFF, the popular French indie game by Mortis Ghost, has very basic game mechanics.

  • Arrow keys guide you in the four cardinal directions around the map
  • You can interact with objects like buttons and panels in the ground by walking over them 
  • You can interact with NPCs by pressing Enter in front of them
    • Arrow keys select replies to NPCs
    • Enter submits replies
    • When the NPC is Zacharie, the arrow keys guide you through an inventory list and enter is used to add the item to your inventory
  • Battles are randomly triggered by moving the sprite past specific, sometimes hidden spaces
    • Within battles, the arrow keys are used to select moves to make against the ghosts
    • Getting hit by an enemy attack takes away varying amounts of points
    • Hitting an enemy takes varying amounts of points away from it
    • Enter executes the move or, if selected, can heal the player if held down
    • The option to "flee" from battle is sometimes available at random
    • The option to "let the sprite take over the battle" (a sort of autopilot) is available at random.
  • Plastic blocks can save your game or return you to the game map
  • Treasure chests can be opened with Enter, with mixed results. Sometimes there is a ghost, or nothing. Other times there is an item. 
The game is available for free download here

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