Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My thoughts on playing Super Mario Bros.

 My experience playing Super Mario Bros was awesome. I used the character Ike and dominated. Although some people say he is cheep, I have to disagree.  I disagree that Ike is not cheap to use because of his movement speed. He is very powerful, but his movement speed makes it more difficult to use that power and apply it in the game.  If I were to suggest a character that is cheap or stupidly powerful that it isn't fair, I would say it is Gandendorf. His power is much higher than anyone else, and his abilities allow him to move around and not worry about his slow movement speed.

What I like about this game, is the concept, and how you can see yourself do good. Everything in the game makes sense, nothing pops out and makes me question the reasoning of this game.

This game compared to the older Super Mario Bros is very similar. Both games looking at a side angle, both have Mario characters. The difference between the games is the concepts, but thats about it. They both are really good games in their times, and now.

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