Friday, October 9, 2015

Tyson's review of Cranium

The board-game Cranium is a surprisingly difficult game. Generally you'd look at a board-game about drawing, spelling, trivia, and singing as a very easy game, but with Cranium it is far more than that. With this game the Red (trivia) cards require the player to have a deep awareness of a wide variety of pop-culture. The Yellow (spelling) cards require the player to both be aware of pop-culture, but also have advanced spelling (like knowing how to spell hypocrisy (which I had to auto-correct to spell correctly)). Then the Blue (drawing) and Green (singing/songs) force the players to display any and all artistic/musical ability as well as a knowledge of popular songs. All in all the Cranium game is deceptively difficult and requires a diverse and knowledgeable team to succeed.

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